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How To Create Minecraft Server // One Click And Create Minecraft Server Without Any problem In 2021

Hello friends welcomes to our Websites , here i am discuss about how to creates a Minecraft server without any problem . You can play Minecraft offline and you can also play Minecraft Online Multiplayer with your friends . You can gets a infinite worlds in Minecraft and you can explorer the worlds without any problems . In 2021 Minecraft takes a place in 10 Top games in world . I am playing Minecraft nearly 2 months this is my one of the best favourites games . You can makes castles , house , clan , pets , flats and everything that you can wants in Minecraft . Every thinks avaliable in Minecrafts . Every thinks you can do in this games . In Minecraft You can gets two options 1) Creative And 2) Survival . If you selects Creatives so you can gets every things unlimited in Minecraft . You can trying first Creatives mod and after taht you can try Survival , if you first play Survival  mods this time you can not play properly This games . First you can  increase your exprience in Minecraft then you can play Survival Mods .

Creates A Free Minecraft Server:

It is very easy to creates a Minecraft Server . First you needs a Microsoft Accounts And creates a minecraft Id with this account . Without a Microsoft account you can not crates a Minecraft server or you can not join in others servers . If you have a Microsoft Accounts so you can goes Microsoft official page and creates a Microsoft account . When you creates a Microsoft accounts then back in Minecraft and login in Minecrafts using Microsofts account .

  1. First open Minecraft In your smart phone .
  2. Then Login with Microsoft Accounts .
  3. After that Click On play button .
  4. Then In World section you can creates a New world .
  5. When you creates a new worlds this time you can select multiplayer .
  6. And creates a world to play with your friends
  7. that is  free and 100% working tricks

I hope you can know proper way - How to crates a free server in Minecraft Without any problem . 
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